What yoga means to me


Actually, my first encounter with yoga was pretty horrible and it still amuses me to think about it. For years I avoided each and every yoga class like the plague.

Luckily years later I found a yoga style (Vinyasa by the way) that really did it for me and I am beyond greatful for everything yoga gives me each and every day. 

Please keep in mind that yoga could have a different meaning to you and that we all have a unique view on things. So my outlook on yoga doesn`t have to match yours. But maybe you`ll find some similarities.

Yoga helps me in so many ways that I don`t even know where to start. 

First of all my breathing patterns in generell have increased immensely. Yoga helps me to connect with myself, my feelings, my inner voice and my intuition. I am much more aware of my body and mind. 

It gives me strength, not only physically but mentally, too. 

It taught me to slow down once in a while and that it is okay to take a break when I need one. 

It recharges and energizes at the same time. 

Yoga taught me that it is okay to give up control and that I don`t need to be perfect all the time. It allows me to make mistakes and be okay with them. 

My trust in my fortitude have increased and I am much better at acknowledging my own worth.

Yoga reminds me that there has to be a balance between body, mind and soul. 

That there are limits we do not need to push by always being the toughest, hardest working one in the room and that is completely normal to rest and let others do some of the work, too.

Yoga makes my heart beat faster while at the same time eases my ever-working mind.

It raises my pulse while slowing down my thoughts. 

It rejuvenates my body and nourishes my soul. It frees my mind and strengthens my resilience. 

Yoga opens my heart and helps me to welcome change and new opportunities by eliminating my fears. 

It tears down limitations and boundaries society and my own restrictions set up to stop me from reaching my true potential.

Yoga is my salvation. It sets me free in so many ways.

Yoga challenges my body and mind. It reminds me that the only person that is responsible for my well-being and happiness is.. ME.

I am the master of my own life and fulfillment. I can achieve anything I set my mind on.

It helps me breath and go, or rather flow thru life as it is. Yoga gives me challenges and the most blissful moments you can imagine. It opens my eyes and my heart to all the wonders in this world. It offers me growth and transformation. Shows me new ways to evaluate and assess situations and people`s actions to better understand and handle them.

Ultimately yoga helps me to weather every storm, every difficulty, every obstacle life throws my way. It makes me stronger, kinder and braver. 

Stay wild- Stay gold.


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