Make yourself a priority


Not only a priority, but the main concern in your life. 

How often do you want to do something for yourself? Do you actually do it?

Why not? 

Well, because there are so many other things to do, important meetings, urgent appointments and so much more that you prioritize and put in front of your needs and wants.

Your daughter needs to be driven to her piano class, for example. 

Also the dog wants to go for a walk. 

Your best friend needs your help.

And your boss is asking you to stay longer at work.

The laundry is pilling up sky high in your basement, too.

There is that important family dinner.

Ah, Carl called to help him out with his taxes.

 And on goes your list…list of what? Excuses. Thats what I call it, plain and simple. Now don`t get mad at me for being so confrontional.

I know family is important and I also understand that friends and work are, too. My dogs want attention all the time, I have a ton of laundry to do, too. 

But if you don`t prioritize yourself and your well-being no one will get anything out of it. 

If you do not put yourself first, your whole life and subsequently the life of those that are dependent on you will suffer dearly.

But I don`t have time for taking care of myself! Yes, you do. 

Telling yourself that you do not have time is just an illusion. You do have time, simply said: It is just not important enough. In conclusion you are not important enough. That`s what it`s all about.

So stop making excuses and make yourself a priority.

Take that bubble bath in the middle of the day.

Maybe book a treatment at your favorite spa.

Or take a little coffee break and silence your phone.

Don`t answer your door when your lovely neighbor Karen decides to bother you for the third time in a day.

If your boss wants you to work overtime tell him kindly that you have an appointment and that you can take over his important presentation the other day and finish it in time for his meeting on Friday.

Also ask your kids to take the dog for a walk while you enjoy a glass of wine with your hubby.

As a result you will feel lighter, happier and more relaxed. In other words, you will be invigorated and rejuvinated. 

Less stress, less wrinkles, less bad days.

To sum it all up: If you put yourself first every now and then everyone around you will benefit from it.

Stay wild, stay gold.


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