Changes equal chances – Connect with your heart and the Universe


The world is constantly changing, evolving and turning our lives upside down. It challenges us almost daily. Changes in life are inevitable. But the question is: How do we change? How are we facing complex situations and do we learn and evolve or just complain and get bitter?

All of us are manipulated by society, religion, cultural aspects and a lot of other factors. 

If we start listening a little more to our inner voice and intuition we can most definitely withstand all of these social influences and therefore free our mind, spirit and soul and become who we really are. 

The easiest tool to get in touch with your inner voice, your intuition and instinct is quite simple: Your breath. Breathing steady, calm and conscious eases your troubled mind and helps you to get clarity and inner peace.

Your instinct and intuition are your communication system with your life and the whole Universe. If you start listening to your inner voice and get in touch with your very own communication system your heart will listen and start to open up. By opening up your heart (again) to all those inevitable changes and challenges we start to welcome them into our lifes and we take them for what they really are:

Chances and opportunities to learn and evolve, to better our lifes and to become happier, healthier and wiser.

Transformation is the result of this process. We transform into what we were always  supposed to be, like a chrysalis transforms into a beautiful butterfly: Colourful and free. Soaring thru the sky and with every flap of our wings we change this world and the whole Universe. We help making this world a better place by leaving our footprints of wisdom, kindness and love. 

Love that rises from the depths of our heart. A heart that communicates with our intuition and the Universe.

So let`s all be a little bit braver by following our inner voices and by connecting with our hearts instead of following society`s expectations and opinions blindly. Let`s be different, let`s be ourselves instead of trying to fit in and living the life of someone else.

Times up! 

Stop ignoring your inner voice, the calling of your heart and soul and don`t let society manipulate you any longer. Live your life, transform yourself, build a legacy and start to make the world a better place by opening up your heart and listening to your intuition and instincts.

Remember the first step: Connect with your breath – inhale and exhale – connect with yourself. Connect with the Universe.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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