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The first 25 years of my life I was rather going thru the motions. I didn’t have the slightest clue which path I should take. After graduating with a degree in finance and taxes I realized that I wasn’t happy or fullfilled with my job. Isn’t the main purpose in life to be happy and fullfilled with what your are doing. The Japanese have a word for that. It is called your purpose in life, the reason to get up every morning: IKIGAI.

So I decided to change my path to find my purpose, my IKIGAI. While studying at the university I started to work at a gym nearby. I had the great opportunity to receive a fantastic education as a personal trainer, coach and nutritionist (my education) while working for this big gym chain. Over the years I worked as a trainer, coach and gym manager. Finally I belonged to the management of said gym chain and was responsible for over 20 gyms. I also worked for the academy that belonged to that company.

In 2014 I started my own franchise start- up with a couple of business partners. I also worked as a freelance coach for different academies and companies.

I worked and created, teached and coached…and then some. I thought that was it – my purpose, the reason for living…and I was wrong. There is more to life than work. What about my personal freedom, space to be, time to feel, to breath and to evolve. I was wondering if this world had more to offer than making money. I wanted to travel, to explore and learn all those things I didn’t know yet. That’s how Zen Room was born. My room to create, breath and learn. Maybe it will be your room, too.

The biggest eye-opener to me was and still is yoga. It’s my way to communicate, to grow and let other people find their own IKIGAI. I teach yoga with a lot of humor, physical correctness and health oriented asanas. You will gain clarity as well as strength and mindfullness. I want to share my experiences with you, so your life can evolve and you can finally breath a little easier. And that is so much more than just physical exercise. You can find more information about my portfolio here.

I am able to teach in English and German because of my personal background and part of my family living in the United States, where I am residing more often to learn, teach and coach.

Stay wild – stay gold!

Aus- und Weiterbildungen Body & Mind

  • Vinyasa Power Yoga Teacher (RYT 500, AYA)
  • Pilates Trainer (IFAA)
  • Personal Trainer (IFAA)
  • Fitness Trainer A-License (IFAA)
  • Nutrition Coach B-License (IFAA)
  • Sports Dietitian (IFAA)
  • Workout Instructor (IFAA)
  • Step-Aerobic Instructor (IFAA)
  • deepWork (IFHIAS)
  • Body Skillz Myofascial Release & Intense (Reiter)
  • TRX STC Suspension Training (Transatlantic Fitness)
  • TRX GTC Advanced Suspension Training (Transatlantic Fitness)
  • Certified Trainer for Rehabilitation (IFAA)
  • Kettlebell Trainer (IFAA)
  • Functional Trainer (IFAA)
  • Octane Master Trainer (Octane)
  • Wellness Trainer (IFAA)
  • Inbody Coach
  • Lactat Manager (IFAA)
  • Certified Derma Cosmetitian (Engler)