Be like water – make a difference


It would be oh so easy to struggle with the current situation. To fight it, get angry, rebel against anything and everything. Kicking, screaming, fighting your heart out.

But what if you simply wouldn`t fight it at all? Maybe life, the universe, a higher power – whatever you want to call it – would start serving you.

Just like water goes with the flow, bending and flowing around rocks and any obstacle put in its way. Soft and yielding. Because when time passes the water starts to form those rocks. It shapes its surroundings. Therefore creating a whole new environment.

If I asked you which one is the stronger force – rock or water – what would you answer?

Rock? Hard, strong, sturdy and undestroyable.

Or water? Soft, yielding, flowing, shaping obstacles over time. Washing out stones and creating a complete new landscape. 

Just think about it for a minute. 

I have been stone-like my whole life. Fighting against injustice, defending weeker people against the mean ones. Struggling with the unfairness of our materialistic world, where the greedy get even richer and the poor ones are often left behind. 

Kicking, screaming, fighting. 

Complaining and demanding. 

Butting heads with everyone who did something wrong, at least in my opinion.

And then one day I had a revelation. 

I realized that water is much stronger than stone. Since it easily washes them away, puts out fires and floods whole countries. Water is the most powerful of all elements although it goes with the flow, bends and yields to other forces in the beginning. But in the end water always wins and changes things.

So maybe if we put more effort in being soft and yielding, not blindly obeying, but being fully aware of our softness, we would gain so much positive moments in our daily lives.

Instead of always being right and telling people what they did wrong we could take a deep breath and show them with our own behaviour that we could all make this world a much better, friendlier healthier and more peaceful planet. 

So that our future generations could live in peace and prosperity, side by side. No matter what colour our skin is or which gods we pray to, if we do that at all. 

A society where your sexual orientation doesn`t define your worth. 

A community that doesn`t measure you by your bank account or the job you have.

The current situation could bring us back to value our neighbours, friends and families. 

We could start being thankful for the roof over our head and the food we have to eat. 

Regaining a little bit of humility. 

Support small businesses instead of the global online players. 

Buy organic, local and fair-trade products if we do not already do that. 

Buy less, reduce waste and even waste less food, water and other stuff.

I don`t want to start preaching. 

I consciously want to practice instead of preach. 

And maybe by being a good example help others to do the same or even more. Softly, kindly, without kicking and fighting and screaming my lungs out.

Stay wild – stay gold.

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels


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