Times like these – the viral effects


What should you believe? Who can you ask for information and advice? Where will this lead us all?

First and foremost we need to stay calm and collected.

Taking deep breaths. Relaxing our troubled minds, hearts and souls. Panic doesn’t help anyone. It will not better the situation. The only thing it will definitely do is make you feel even more helpless and chaotic inside.

So, maybe it’s time to turn your life around.

Stay at home, minimize the risks and build yourself a space where you feel more secure and safe.

Also stay in contact with your family and friends via telephone calls and video chats. Read that new book you wanted to for weeks. Cook a delicious fresh and healthy meal with your better half. Maybe start a new hobby like painting or sewing. Get creative and make the best out of it.

Your mind and heart are troubled and your thoughts and feelings are spiraling out of control? You’re scared, confused, anxiety is making you feel paralyzed? You’re permanently checking your news feed and social media accounts for news on the current situation? Reading every new post and so-called ecxpert`s forecast? Wondering about the what ifs? Worst-case scenarios are playing on your mind 24-7?

Take a moment and take it all in: Fear, anxiety, worry and uncertainty. Take it in, feel it, accept it. And then let go. Let it all go.

Step on your mat, take a deep breath and start your practice. Daily.

Deep breathing.

Sun salutations.

Asana practices.

Vinyasa flows.

Restorative yin sessions.

Meditation techniques.

Do that daily and feel how the chaos turns into tranquility. Panic transforms into peace of mind. Anxiety converts to a calm heart. 

A calm heart, peaceful mind and a tranquil soul will get you through these troubled times.

Stay healthy – stay gold.  


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