Heart attacks and set backs – improve your happiness and health


YOLO! We all know what that acronym means: We only have this one life to live to the fullest. Except for all those who believe in reincarnation. But that`s another story.

I see so many people that are constantly reminiscing about the past. So many people worrying about the future. 

They work so hard, grinding all day and often nights, weekends, holidays trying to secure their future by making and saving money. Working harder, working more, saving more. 

And then, boom, they get a heart attack, a divorce, anxiety and panic attacks. They get sick, divorced, isolated and depressed.

Or they get bored with their success, their mountains of money and wealth and then they ask themselves: 

“What the frick am I doing with my life?”

A lot of those people, whether they are rich and bored, divorced and lonely or sick and had a health scare, show up in my yoga classes. They are lost, lonely, scared and seeking for guidance. And sometimes they get a little disappointed, when I don`t dish out immortal wisdom and the perfect solution to their problems. Often the pain, whether it is a physical or emotional one,gets worse at first. Like anything else in life some things need to get worse before they can get better.

The most beautiful thing about yoga is that you start reflecting. Your brain starts to rewire, your mind gets a little bit of peace back, your body hurts less, your heart gets lighter and then you can start living your very best life. 

I am not saying that yoga is the cure to every disease or emotional problem because it is not. Although a lot of doctors and psychologists recommend yoga to help their patients and I strongly believe that it has a lot of benefits but it is not the cure to every problem. 

In one of my former blog post I wrote about what yoga really means to me and in my case it indeed helped me with my physical pains as well as my emotional ones a lot. You can read that one if you want to  https://zen-room.de/what-yoga-means-to-me/

When I was younger I had a severe eating disorder. I actually still have it because in my opinion it never actually leaves you. It is a part of who you are, but it doesn`t control or define me anymore. Like every addiction it stays and it is your own responsibility to live and fully deal with it. 

For years I tried to get it under control but I think it wasn´t until I dived deeper into my spiritual yoga practice when I actually started to deal with it. No amount of therapy accomplished what I did on my own with practicing yoga and meditation. Again, yoga cannot solve every issue out there, but in my case it helped a lot.

So back on track to what this post is about (no it is not about my disorder, that is another story :-). 

I want you to take a moment and reflect upon you grinding, working hard, saving every last penny you earn. For what? A secure future? A cushy retirement? Your family? 

Those are really noble intentions and I deeply bow to your dedication and foresight.

And maybe…

…maybe you can also be in the present, enjoy the moment and spend a little of your hard earned fortune on yourself? Right here, right now.

I do not want you to buy each and every single thing that crosses your way or eat lobster and caviar all day long, sipping champagne from golden cups. 

Just enjoy your life, now and not later. 

Be in this moment, fully aware of the beauty life offers you. 

Enjoy your coffee, sitting outside in the sun for your lunch break. 

I want you to actually take a lunch break. Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Indulge in something sweet or savory. Therefore buy a cupcake or an ice cream cone, eat that piece of chocolate guilt free.

Meet up with friends and have fun instead of working another friday night. 

Have a big family dinner on the weekend instead of staying at your company for another project.

Go to that yoga class on Sunday morning regularly instead of scrolling mindlessly through your social media accounts for hours. 

Simply enjoy your life, Here, now!

Wishing you a wonderful day, fully aware of the present, enjoying the beauty of life.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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