Unleashing your inner Peter Pan- finding the way back to Neverland

Motivation Quote Take me to Neverland. Photo Collage: Wilderness Landscape. Gold Leafy Trees, Green Hill with Coniferous Trees and Big Mountain. Misty Weather.

Do you remember those days when nothing mattered, nothing but building sandcastles with your bestie. When you were sitting in deep squat for hours to create your own magical kingdom out of plastic cups and sand. A time where your imagination and daydreams were running completely wild. Do you remember that time?

Your deep squat was pain free, your mind was light and clear and your laughters were bellydeep and soul shattering good. 

I remember those times, yes I do.

For the last two decades I didn‘t, but I changed that. It was me, myself and I who changed it, because I remembered the times when I was sandcastling away my days without any cares in this big,beautiful world. I remembered and I regained that freedom, that peace and my carefree and happy self.

And guess what! You can do that to…you can unleash your inner Peter Pan,fly with the Lost Boys thru Neverland and get pranked by Tinkerbell. Find Neverland again and play tricks on Captain Hook, listen to Tick-Tock, the crocodile and fly baby, fly…up, up to the sky! 

Be wild, be free, breath deeply and be happy, so immensely happy that you think you burst in two. That’s what life’s about: being happy, being brave, being kind. That’s what yoga is about. Yoga taught me to trust myself, to open up and to simply be. Besides the ability to squat pain free again, and lengthening my spine, and opening the hips and the chest. And breathing deeply.  If you want that too, send me a message. Maybe we will fly together…with the LostBoys thru Neverland…or we will just sit in deep squat and breath deeply and freely.

Stay wild – stay gold 


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  1. Erin M.

    That is so awesome, thank you for inspiring me. Sending my love.


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