Stop pretending…start living your best life


Have you ever felt like you were pretending to be someone else?

Do you feel exhausted always trying to live up to standards others expect you to fulfill?

Do society`s rules and regulations suck the energy right out of you?

Nay-Sayers, negative comments about your choices in life, opinions about your clothes or your behaviour bother you? So much that you start to isolate yourself from the people around you, even so called friends and family? You got the feeling that nobody “gets you” sometimes and you feel utterly alone? Like you are truly all alone in this world, even in a room full of loved ones?The world around you gets so dark and doomful and you just can`t take the pressure anymore. Every breath you try to take feels almost non-takeable? The pressure just gets to much. 

I´ve been there. I know how that feels. It`s painful, it`s all consuming, it takes your breath away. You feel like you`re buried alive and nobody, nobody is on your side.

The good news: It gets better.

But only if you understand an important fact: You don`t have to fit into anyone`s expectations!

Repeat that to yourself: “I do not have to fit into anyone`s expectations!”

Simple, right? Yeah, I admit it`s not. We all want to be loved and often people, especially the close ones try to pressure us into things by using our need to be loved to achieve that. Most of them don`t do that consciously and they don`t do it to hurt us. But in the end that`s exactly what happens. They hurt us by thinking they do know better what`s best for us. And sometimes they even do, but it is not their decision to make. It is ours, even if we decide wrong and fail, get hurt or hurt someone with the choices we make. It is our decision because it is our life. Simple and true!

If you are at that point in your life you have to take actions to feel better. I know it`s hard to tell people you love to back of. I know it is hard to be your true self, to stand up for your beliefs and choices because there will always be someone who thinks he or she knows better. You can`t avoid those people but you can most definitely minimize those encounters by choosing very wisely who you let into your life and into your mind.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said: “ I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.”

And sometimes you just have to let people talk and don`t give a f…udge about it. They will do it anyway, so let them. You can`t change someone else`s behaviour. Only they can do that and as long as they`re not willing or able to change, it is simply none of your business and therefore not your problem. But you can change the way you react to people`s actions and words. By changing your way to react you hold all the power in your own hands. So why let someone`s opinion bother you? Follow Gandhi`s advice and don`t let them walk through your mind with dirty feet..

What will you gain from all of that? Your happiness and peace of mind.

I wish you all the best on your journey. Believe in yourself and be happy and peaceful.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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