All that glitter and gold – Social Media`s influence on our lives


Why are you so anti-Social (Media)?

Post more selfies, videos and content in general. Release your own website, flyers, adds. Go to more network events, yoga conferences and fairs. In other words make yourself be heard and seen more often.

Put an online teaching program on the market…bla, bla, bla…have you ever been in a discussion like that? I can`t tell you how often I heard all those questions, suggestions, advices. 

But I tell you a secret:

I don’t have to do any of it! I don`have to do anything  that I am not comfortable with! 

Certainly that’s all I need to be: Comfortable with what I am doing. Because for the longest time I was not.

I listened to those self-proclaimed experts on social media channels, wondering if that’s the only way to be successful. I scrolled through my Instagram feed, seeing all those perfect yoga teachers, fitness gurus and rich people with hundred thousands of followers. And then I realized success for me doesn’t mean driving an expensive car, wearing designer clothes and living in a mansion, having thousands of fans and followers.

That’s not what makes me happy. My heart and soul don’t get excited about an overflowing bank account or a Porsche in my garage.

Because it is just not my fulfillment- my Ikigai (the Japanese word for your purpose in life).

Me, I am the happiest when I can help people. When I have time to study and learn and teach and read and breath. When I can go for a run in the morning. Explore the forest with my dogs. Do a yoga session with my students besides a lot of other fantastic things.

I am definitly not happy with the pressure often put on us by society and the picture perfect images of those so called successful influencers- posting another booty gains pic at the gym. Duck-facing at a social event or doing another handstand on a beautiful beach in Bali. That’s not real life at all!

Admittedly I recently posted some pictures of me doing Yoga for marketing purposes, yes I did. However, that is not really me doing yoga. I don’t sit gracefully in Gomukhasana wearing make-up for hours when I practice yoga. I don’t do paradise birds on a windowsill. Doing that doesn’t even make sense! But it looks good, right? Therefore we do all those things.

I don’t want to hate on others for doing said stuff, if it makes them happy they should do it. Because in the end everybody should find their own purpose in life.

I just want you to remember that everyday life of everyday people may look different from what you see on your social media feeds. So enjoy your everyday life, even if there are no Bali beaches in it.

Your life is awesome, you are awesome – so make the most of it.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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