Move that body, baby


Sitting at your desk all day, in meetings or in your car?  Well, I guess your neck and back hurt a lot, right?! Your hips are tight and you are one headache away from a big, fat migraine. 

What now? Pop another pain pill, pay your doctor a visit for another syringe?

I don’t think so!

But what can you do to make the pain go away without those chemical insta-helpers?

Well, maybe start with small things: 

Right at the moment when you wake up stretch your body while still lying in bed. 

Incorporate a five minute movement session in your morning routine by doing some cat-and-cow moves.

Walk around your block – with or without your dog, if you don`t have one maybe your cat will be bribed into a short walk.

I love taking little moments throughout the day to move different parts of my body. Especially when I’ve been sitting at my desk or in a meeting for too long. My back and neck hurt too sometimes and don’t get me started on my hips…hell, I know what you’re talking about. I’ll go do some stretches or take a short walk in between my office hours.  Instead of sitting while taking your lunch break, go outside for some fresh air and move that body, baby. Walk, stretch and lengthen your spine by doing some simple but oh so effective exercises. It only takes a couple of minutes to feel so much better. 

How about starting your day with a little more than just a quick stretch or cat-cow-routine, maybe some sun salutations, twists and backbends are more your style? Or you love lifting weights first thing in the morning or going for a run or a swim…there are endless possibilities for you to increase your active time during the day. You just have to find the right one(s) for yourself.

Don’t know how? Just send me an E-Mail: an we can start working on your routines together.

I am looking forward to help you move your body an be happy and healthy again.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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