Mental hygiene – get the f…rick out of my head!


Have you ever heard the term: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.?” 

Yes, you have…well, although we care so much about our clean homes, super white teeth and perfect body shape – which by the way is great – we often forget about our mental wellbeing, including our mental hygiene.

To clarify, mental health issues are one of the worlds biggest health problems nowadays and are getting even bigger by the minute. 

We are constantly bombarded by the media: Television, radio, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, commercials and advertising everywhere, sounds, light.

”Buy more, eat more, try this, get that, 50% off, bigger, better, cheaper.”…does it ever stop?

“Please, make it stop!” – your mind screams, your poor nervous system is totally confused and exhausted, you can`t breath, can`t think, your focus is blurred…Make it stop!

And when you are finally able to take a break from all this craziness. Your lungs fill up on fresh oxygen. Your mind has the opportunity to become focused and at peace with itself. That inner voice – that voice that won`t stop talking to you – says: “Shoot, did you call Tom? You were supposed to call Tom yesterday. Call him, now!”…”And what about that urgent presentation for client XY, that is due on Friday? Did you finish that one?”…constantly talking and nagging and harassing you to no end. 

And there goes your peace of mind, your deep breathing and your relaxed composure. Because there is always something to do, someone to take care of and urgent work stuff.

Yes, I know that`s the way life goes. I do hear that inner voice too. It is there trying to steel my peace and my freedom. But I am not gonna let it do that anymore. Nope, no way.

The mind is the most difficult thing to control, it is like the wind – constantly changing direction, never still and sometimes really stormy. 

But I can assure you there is hope. We can control our thoughts and we can get peace of mind by simply acknowledging what happens in that brain of ours. So we just have to relax a little and observe what`s going on without pressuring ourselves to much. Listen to that voice and then decide if you want to take immediate action or if it is something that can wait.

As a resut of that conclusion I often tell my yoga students while practicing asanas or even meditating that it is completely normal that their thoughts drift of and their minds wander. Mine do too. 

By acknowledging those thoughts and letting actively go of them like a cloud that flows with the wind you are able to still your thoughts and become peaceful. 

Also repeating a mantra while meditating or consciously stilling your mind can help a lot. If you are not sure how to do that or you need help finding the perfect way for your peacefulness just send me a message:

Stay wild – Stay gold

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


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