Handstand, headstand, crow pose – isn`t what yoga is about!


Life is awesome, challenging, full of adventure, a bit scary, beautiful and everything in between, right?

What I love about yoga is that it gives us the opportunity to navigate calmly thru the ups and downs of our life. 

I luckily discovered yoga in my early 30s because of a really painful time. My hips were nearly killing me and I could not get a full nights sleep without taking a ton of pain meds. I started doing yoga mainly for my body issues but realized real quick that there is so much more to it than just the physical benefits. So yoga has been a grounding anchor in my life for the last couple of years. 

Although there were times when I was questioning the practice and my teaching. 

I didn’t want to teach or practice advanced asanas like handstand or headstand and I was a bit fed up with all those social media super yogis who seemed to be handstanding all day long. 

For me that is not what yoga is about. Those asanas didn’t meet the needs of the people coming to my classes. 

It seemed to me that the effort of doing advanced poses was not healthy or helping most people with their issues, not to mention the comparison and competition it created in people’s minds. We do already have so much pressure and competition in our daily lives that we don’t need it in our yoga practice, too. 

Yoga is not an ego-feeder or some game where you are declared the winner of the pack because your crow pose lasted the longest.

I’m grateful that I listened to my heart and didn’t go with the advanced poses hype or even stopped teaching and practicing completely. Instead I still offer a supportive, healthy and sustainable yoga style to help people get rid of their physical problems and be healthier and therefore happier. I want my students to reflect upon themselves and become more aware of their own well-being. 

Because Yoga helps us to feel better in our bodies, feel better in who we are, and helps us navigate those ups and downs. It helps us to know ourselves better.

I would love to have you try out this approach to yoga and see how it makes you feel.

Stay wild – Stay gold

Photo by Oluremi Adebayo from Pexels


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