Don`t let the present become a prisoner of your past


Ever felt like you are stuck in your past experiences and mistakes?

Like you can`t move forward because you`re haunted by your history?

We all feel stuck from time to time. I guess that`s part of life and learning. But how can you enjoy the present or even think about the future when your former encounters keep you from your own growth and progress?

You can`t. It`s that simple. So what are you gonna do now? Surrender to your past? Accept the circumstances of your current situation? Become one of those negative minded, tunnel-visioned grumpy heads? I don`t think so!

Because that wouldn`t just be the easy way out, it would also be the depressing one. No more sunny days, no more joyful moments, no more happiness and uncontrolled giggle-fits about stupid little nothings.

I suppose your life would be like an episode from “The Walking Dead”: You´re body is alive, but your not consciously living.

So put some effort in overcoming your biggest worries and fears. 

Worries that stem from bad experiences. Fears that took roots in your heart because of negative encounters.

There`s nothing to worry about and you don`t have to fear anything. 


Shit happens, good things happen, the world keeps turning and you move on with your life.

Take a moment to remember all the good people you`ve met, the kind and the brave ones. If you really think about it I am one hundred percent sure that you realize that there are far more positive people and memories in your life than negative ones.

Take a moment and really think about it.

Our minds are a little tricky by the way. They remember bad stuff much better than the positive ones. 

So it`s up to you to actively recall all those beautiful memories from your past. 

Especially in times where you don`t feel so swell. If you set your focus on these memories it will be so easy to enjoy the present and believe in an even greater future.

I know it is hard work to do that when you`re feeling down and the weight of the world lies on your shoulders, trying to push you down. I know it is not easy and sometimes you just want to break down and cry a little. If that`s the case then give in to your needs. But I want you to get up again after that much needed cry-fest. 

Get up and remember all the good things that the world has offered you so far. 

Some days will be harder than others to maintain your positve outlook on life. It would be a lie to tell you that you will always be happy, healthy and striving. But that is not what life is about. There will be ups and downs. Good and bad times. Laughter and tears. You will experience bliss and agony like everybody else. 

I just want to remind you that there`ll always be sunshine after a little rain, no matter what. By keeping a positive mindset and remembering the good things you have experienced you will overcome any obstacles standing in your way.

I believe in your strength, your positivity and resilience. I believe in you!

Stay wild- stay gold.


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