Don`t give a sh…tick


There’s some kind of magic happening when you stop giving a sh…tick.

 I mean, please give all kinds of thoughts to the people and things that really matter in your life. Give them your all!

But do not care about what strangers think about you? Or what you deserve? Or if you are good enough, thin enough, smart enough…you are enough! 

Enjoy your life, be happy. Sing out loud. Dance in the streets while eating ice cream and cupcakes if that`s what floats your boat. Travel, get lost in the woods, swim in the ocean. Read a good book or ten thousand. 

Wait a minute, you already live that life? Congratulations my dear, you have it all…

Or you don`t? Well, why not? What holds you back? The opinion of your colleagues, your neighbours or Sourpatch Sally – the one from your pilates class, that always complains about her boyfriend, her job or her weight. Forget about them, all of them. Because I tell you a secret: They don`t matter!

Happiness and joy are an actual choice. A choice you make, you alone and nobody else.

Happiness is appreciating the little moments. Joy is freeing ourselves from the things that keep us stuck in our old an unsatisfying ways of living. Being happy is making big and sometimes scary decisions to do things differently than the rest of your family and our friends. Joy is saying a big fat “Hell yeah” to your own wants and needs.

Start with the little things: Savour that tasty ice cream cone, get lost in your favorite book, lose yourself in deep conversations with your best friend about the secrets of the universe. Buy the shoes, go on as many weekend trips as your bank account allows and don`t give a sh…about what Sally or Terry or who the f… else thinks about it.

I beg you to start bringing your favorite things to do into your life, don`t wait – start right now, experience happiness and enjoy all those positive changes that you will receive by living your life to the fullest without being afraid of what all those naysayers have to say about you and your decisions.

Be happy, stay positive and enjoy every moment on this planet.

Stay wild – stay gold.


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