Celebrating life – in remembrance of Kobe and Gianna Bryant


Completely shocked by the sudden death of one of the greatest basketballs players and his teenage daughter I was sitting in my living room pondering about why someone who was not only a great athlete but first and foremost a great person, father and husband had to die at the age of 41. I am 41, born the same year as Kobe Bryant and in the blink of an eye my life could be over. That was a hard realization, besides the devastating news of the death of a father and his daughter.

Unfortunately we often forget how precious and fragile life is and how easy it can end. Therefore we don`t appreciate the value of our time on this planet enough. Everyday tasks and obstacles get in the way. Because we hustle and bustle and forget to be aware of the beautiful things around us. We unconsciously take family and friends for granted although they are not. Loosing sight of the really important things in life: Love, friendship, kindness, family and enjoying the moment or simply put: Being in the present, fully aware of our surroundings. 

Clearly I am guilty of that, too – one hundred percent. 

And I decided today that I will put in more work to change it. 

I will put more effort into being present. 

Definitely working harder on focusing on the person in front of me telling me about their day. 

Maybe you want to do that, too. We can start together, today, everyday, for as long as we are wandering this amazing planet. 

So let`s start.

Let´s appreciate the present a little bit more. 

For instance by putting our phones aside while eating with our besties. 

Let`s completely focus on the person talking to us without thinking about an appointment later in that day or the grocery list. 

Start breating consciously and as deep as possible – take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Repeat that, again and again.

In short, let`s be a role-model for others on how to become more self-aware and live a purposeful life. Maybe we inspire someone to become a role-model themself.

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” Kobe Bryant (1978-2020, RIP)

So let`s inspire those around us how to celebrate our lives, to live life to the fullest. Be a source of happiness and contentment and always be greatful for what we have.
Kobe, thank you for inspiring so many people. Legends never die!

Stay wild – stay gold.

Photo by Gustavo Linhares from Pexels


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